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Safi use cutting-edge technology to provide you with a speedy and cost-effective cleaning services including window cleaning Crawley.

We are dedicated to delivering a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful indoor and outdoor environment for homes and businesses, with each project given the attention it deserves.

Leading carpet manufacturers support our cleaning procedure, and we utilise only the best cleaning products and equipment.

Safi Cleaning Services employs a highly qualified staff of professional window cleaners. For clients around Sussex, we try to deliver a regular, friendly, and professional cleaning service that fits any budget.

We are a reputable company that provides excellent services at a reasonable cost and always leaves our customers smiling.

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How much should I pay for a professional window cleaning in Crawley?

In the United Kingdom, a window cleaner’s hourly wage ranges from £20 to £50. The actual hourly pricing for window cleaning will vary depending on the window cleaner and where you live.

Call us now for a free quote for your windows, gutters, conservatory or carpet cleaning on 01323 449 760 for East Sussex, 01444 253 103 for West Sussex and 07881 807 990 to reach Frank’s mobile. Alternatively, you can email us at info@saficleaningservices.co.uk or complete and online form here to request us to call you back.

Are window cleaning services worth it?

Having your windows and gutters cleaned professionally will ensure they are both clean and in working order saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. A window cleaner doesn’t just clean windows, we also clean gutters, carpet and upholstery, pressure cleaning, fascia and cladding cleaning.

Windows and conservatory roof cleaning – Cleaning of the window frames, glass, and sills, as well as the top of the conservatory. Our window cleaners primarily use waterfed poles, however for an extra cost, we may do traditional window cleaning (with squeegee). Here at Safi Cleaning we are local window cleaners and our staff are professional window cleaners.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning – Our mobile carpet cleaner cleans your carpets professionally, eliminating dirt, pet odour, and common stains. You can also have a six-month carpet maintenance package.

Pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning – We also offer pressure washing and gutter clearing for patios, walks, siding, and mobile homes/caravans.

Cleaning of fascias and cladding – Soffits, fascias, and cladding all play a crucial part in keeping your home pest-free and dry, but they’re also quite attractive.

If you are a professional window cleaner, how much is a window cleaning round worth?

There’s a lot of grey here. Rounds are usually valued as a multiple of their monthly turnover. Rounds sell for between 2 and 5 times their monthly turnover value on average, although in some cases they might fetch up to 10. The ‘going fee’ for a round will vary depending on the location, the type of job, and the quality of the work.

A well-priced round of closely positioned commercial and/or high-value domestic work is worth more than badly priced, scattered low-value council estate domestic work.

The best thing to do is figure out what the ‘going rate’ for a round in your area is by looking for other ideally equal rounds for sale either nearby or in a similar town or area. Calculate the average multiplication rate of the monthly turnover across a few rounds, and you’ll have your benchmark; nevertheless, keep in mind the other variables indicated. Unless there were compelling reasons for paying more, I would strive to spend no more than three times the value of the round.

What month do you clean windows?

Window cleaning, often known as window washing, is necessary for maintaining good hygiene and beautifying your home. The weather, environment, constraints, and day of the week all play a role in determining the optimum time to clean your windows. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire specialists determines the quality of the work. When there are no limits preventing you from doing a better job, you should wash the windows. Here’s a checklist to help you pick the optimal time of year for long-term outcomes:

Spring is one of the finest times to clean your windows completely, especially if you ignored them during the winter. A few months of rain and weather changes build up layers of dirt, grime, grit, and pollution on your windows over time. Any adjacent motorways or roads that are close to your property exacerbate the problem.

When it comes to window washing, every home or company has different needs. If not cleaned properly, older buildings with steel- or timber-framed windows show symptoms of ageing or corrosion. If nothing is done to mitigate the situation, small amounts of moisture that accumulate on your window frames might lead to mould infestation or property damage. As a result, you will end up spending more money in the long term on necessary repairs or replacements.

Hiring a managed support team improves the quality of work, which means you’ll have fewer worries because they’ll handle everything. This is especially useful if you have a tight timetable or don’t have specialised window cleaning equipment. Spring window cleaning removes filth from winter storms as well as debris from fall leaves. If you reside in a temperate zone, you can also wash your windows in the autumn.

It is impossible for your windows to become dirty when it rains if they have been well cleaned. The concept is that if a window is dirty, rain makes it appear even dirtier. The dirt, not the rain, is what gets your windows dirty because it is a pre-existing issue.

Rainwater for cleaning windows, on the other hand, extends the period between cleanings, keeping your windows clean. It accomplishes this by reducing the amount of pollen or dirt that was drifting around the window. If permitted to accumulate over time, the dirt and grime will cause streaking or spots in the future. Rainwater is also great for cleaning windows because it is pure and gentle, almost like distilled water.

Any attempts to clean your windows during cold weather or heavy rain will result in a new layer of pollutants, dirt, and grime being added. Instead of spending your time cleaning your windows endlessly, it’s a good idea to know when the optimal time is to clean them. The majority of difficulties are caused by dirt that has already settled on the glass. This results in an ugly appearance that jeopardises your home’s hygiene and overall appearance. Lack of cleaning and maintenance could cause the entire window frame to deteriorate, resulting in unanticipated repair or replacement costs.

Cleaning your windows in the spring removes filth from winter storms as well as debris from fall leaves. Because window cleaning takes so long, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional cleaner. Professional window cleaning lowers your danger of physical injury, saves you time, and ensures high-quality work.

There are a variety of reasons to have your windows cleaned, including maintaining a beautiful appearance and making a good first impression from the outside. Not only does it provide a clear perspective of the outside world, but it also lets in plenty of natural light during the day. Although you can clean your windows on a regular basis, spring is the greatest time to remove the layers of filth and dirt that have accumulated over the previous months.

If you don’t have the time or the proper equipment to clean your windows, you can hire a managed support crew to do it for you. Finally, you must establish a maintenance routine for your windows. Contact us today about our window cleaning services, gutter cleaning and other cleaning services.