Soffits and fascias are often timber or uPVC while cladding can be made of timber, uPVC, composite material or metal.

Soffits, fascias and cladding all play an important role in keeping your home pest free and dry, but they are also highly important from an aesthetic point of view. Having sparkling soffits and fascias makes your home look far more attractive and appealing to the viewers. Sprucing up the outside of your house is always good idea. Cleaning your gutters and fascias will freshen up the look of your property and could be a great selling point.
Over time, these will build up algae, black fungus and dirt. The plastic loses its bright coating and can become permanently discoloured. Using our pole system, pure water and using Dinax, hard surface cleaner, we can restore your uPVC to its shiny appearance once again.

We provide fascia, soffit and uPVC cleaning to both commercial and residential customers throughout Sussex.

We also clean commercial property signage.

On construction sight

we sparkle clean externally all new properties before new owners move in.

we are able to clean show homes and construction companies signages.

Why maintain your facade?

While metal cladding materials are long lasting, they are not dirt resilient – nothing is. Just like soffits and fascias surface dirt can have a detrimental impact on the integrity of the cladding. Surface dust can be a major concern when cladding is located by the sea. In addition to harmful dirt and harsh atmospheric conditions, spiderwebs and other bug debris can also collect in the joins or seams. While cobwebs aren’t harmful, they can be unattractive and reduce the visual impact of cladding facades.