Rose-coloured glasses might be a thing, but staring out from grey, dirty windows definitely shouldn’t be! If your windows have accumulated a layer of dirt and grime, you’re not alone. Window cleaning is regularly cited as one of a homeowner’s least desirable chores. So if you’ve been shirking your window cleaning obligations, don’t worry – we provide domestic and commercial window cleaning and are here to help!  We use water fed poles cleaning latest products
  Our window cleaning service will get your windows clean and sparkling (if not quite rosy) in no time! 

Professional Window Cleaners


Expert Window Cleaning​

Safi Cleaning Services are your expert window cleaning professionals in the East and West Sussex areas. Run by its founder, Frank has decades of experience in the window cleaning industry.

Safi Cleaning Services’ friendly, professional team of window cleaners is qualified to a high standard. Safi Cleaning Services are proud to provide affordable services using chemical-free window cleaning fluid for both residential and commercial properties in and around East and West Sussex. 

Affordable Service with a 5 Star Rating​

We understand that price is important. That’s why one of our aims is to provide you with a regular, friendly and professional window cleaner.  We are sure that we can provide a window washing service suited to any budget for clients throughout the Sussex area.

When you contact us for a quote, be sure to include information about whether the building is residential or the site of business, how many windows need cleaning, the approximate height (or floor level) of each set of windows, and how long it’s been since they were last cleaned. 

We’re sure you’ll be pleased with our budget-friendly window cleaning services!

Pure Water - Chemical Free Cleaning

More and more people are becoming discerning about choosing to using any unnecessary chemical product around their family and pets – and rightly so! We are huge supporters of natural and non-chemical products, especially when they work even better than their chemical-laden counterparts!

We’re really happy to say that our environmentally-friendly window cleaning is done with a system based on pure water! It’s a new concept in the window cleaning industry, and it ensures an excellent, streak-free finish without damaging the surrounding window frames or sills. This cleaning style also has the added bonus of consuming algae on conservatory roofs, which helps to maintain a clean look for even longer.

However, one of the best benefits is that with our pure water system there’s no need to worry about your pets or children playing in a lawn contaminated with harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Another amazing feature of our pure water system is its incredible reach of up to 20 meters! This means that we rarely need to employ the use of ladders. This reduces health and safety risks as well as customer privacy concerns. 

Although we strongly stand by our pure water window cleaning system, occasionally an exceptional case comes along. In extreme circumstances, window glass cleaner detergents can be applied to treat windows before our window cleaning expert finishes the job with a very thorough pure water rinse.

Residential Properties​

We are happy to offer window cleaning services to residential properties in the Sussex area. We understand that most people don’t have their windows cleaned as regularly as they “should,” so there’s no need to feel embarrassed if you’ve left a bit longer between your window cleans. Our friendly, professional staff have seen it all and we promise not to judge! 

When you contact us, we’ll help find a window cleaning time that is convenient for you, and if you like, we can also remind you when it’s time for your next cleaning. 

Commercial Properties

When entertaining potential clients, an office’s appearance is key. While people rarely comment on exceptionally clean windows, they do talk about windows coated with dirt and grime. It gives an appearance of neglect, not exactly the trait anyone wants to have associated with their business.

However, it is not uncommon for commercial properties to require outside window cleaning services. If your office or commercial location requires professional window cleaning services, be sure to contact us, we’re happy to set up immediate, one-off services or regular, contract work to ensure every window at your home or business stays clean and sparkling far into the future.

Contact us for Fast and Professional Services​

If you need professional, friendly window cleaning experts to come out and restore the sparkle and shine to your windows, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to discuss your cleaning requirements and offer you a competitive quote!

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