Gutter Cleaning

How do you clear blocked guttering?

How to tell if your gutter needs to be cleared:

At Safi Cleaning clearing guttering is one of the services that we offer. It’s not difficult to tell if your guttering is in desperate need of cleaning as water can be pouring over gutter edges, water spraying like a fountain from gutter seams and elbow joints, or water not flowing down the bottom of downspout extensions are all obvious indicators of a blocked gutter when it rains.

If it isn’t raining, look for eroded ground directly beneath a gutter, peeling paint on the gutter’s siding and fascia, damp, moist, or dirty siding beneath the gutter, and, in certain circumstances, gutters pushing away from the fascia owing to the blockage’s high weight.

How to locate where the blockage is:

Where the downpipe crosses the gutter, a downspout cage, a wire strainer designed to capture debris while allowing water to pass through, is installed. This object is frequently twisted or misplaced.

Gutter hangers and spikes frequently become dislodged from the fascia and end up in the gutter. Clogs are caused by these impediments catching leaves and twigs.

Clogs are most prone to form at downspout elbows and seams. Tap the outside of the downspout with a screwdriver as you work your way down from the gutter, listening for a dull thud (as opposed to hollow ring). This will show you where the clog is located.

You should only attempt to clean your gutters if you are confident in your abilities and have a solid ladder. Otherwise, you could hire specialists, such as Safi Cleaning, who will make quick and simple work of it and are insured to do so.

Work your way around the gutters using a sturdy ladder and an empty bucket, scooping out as much dirt as possible with gloved hands or a thin garden trowel.

Then, using a hose, clean out the gutters from the end of the guttering to the outlet, taking care not to make a mess. Remove any tenacious filth with a hard brush.

There might be an obstacle if water isn’t flowing smoothly through the drainpipes. To clean the pipe, try sending the hose down it to remove it. If this doesn’t work, remove any obstacles using a plumber’s auger.

After the gutters have been cleaned, leaf guards for the drain outlets may be purchased to prevent leaves from falling down and causing further clogs. Gutter hedgehogs, on the other hand, can be used to avoid leaf clogs.

Why not call in the professionals?

We try to give your driveways, patios, pavement, and public access a new lease on life. Gutters are an important part of every structure’s drainage system. Unfortunately, they are commonly neglected and forgotten since they are not easily accessible.

Attention is usually supplied too late after the channels have ceased to operate. Safi Cleaning Services can provide a comprehensive and professional cleaning solution to meet your needs.

Please contact us if you would want to take advantage of our superior service. You can contact us by telephone on 01323 449 760 (East Sussex), 01444 253 103 (West Sussex) or our mobile is 07881 807 990. Alternatively, you can send us an email to or complete an online form and submit it to us here.

How do you clear high gutters?

Leaves and other debris blocking your gutters can cause damage to the woodwork in your home. In the winter, stored water in gutters freezes and expands, potentially destroying them. Unless you have overhanging trees, clear your gutters at least once a year. If you have overhanging trees, clean them twice a year. To clean high gutters using a ladder, first make sure the ladder is sturdy, then empty the gutter by hand in a methodical manner. To clean gutters from the ground, use a wet/dry vacuum to construct a DIY gutter vacuum, then pass the gutter vacuum over the gutter to remove debris. Here are some different methods of cleaning your gutter:

Put on your work attire and put on your rubber gloves. Cleaning gutters is a grubby job. Furthermore, gutters may be highly abrasive. Wear work clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty and sturdy rubber gloves for these reasons.

Wear a long-sleeved shirt when cleaning, even if it’s hot outside. This will give additional protection against insects and dangerous gutter edges.

Wear eye protection and a face mask when cleaning gutters on dry days, especially in dusty areas, to avoid dust and pollen from irritating your eyes and lungs.

Place the ladder where you intend to start cleaning. If feasible, lean the ladder against your house’s wall. Otherwise, lean the ladder against the gutter, which is secured to the house by a fastening such as a nail. If you’re using an extension ladder, be sure the ladder is at the proper angle.

Place your toes against the ladder’s foot and extend your arms straight out. When your palms can easily reach the rungs, the ladder is in the appropriate position.

Before ascending your ladder, cautiously climb a step or two to ensure that it is stable. Reposition the ladder if it leans or wobbles until it is stable.  The ladder may sink dangerously if the ground is soft. Place similar-sized scrap wood under the foot of your ladder to prevent it from sinking, then retest its stability. As required, reposition the ladder.

Your ladder may tilt due to uneven or sloping terrain. Placing scrap wood below the leg on the leaning side of the ladder can help level it out. Check the stability of the ladder and make any required changes.

Straighten a wire coat hanger’s body but leave the hooked end alone. This should result in a straight piece of metal with a hook at the end. Bend the opposite end of the hook around the bucket handle. The bucket should be hung from the second rung from the top.  The majority of the trash in your gutters will decompose. Debris can be tossed on the ground and allowed to decay or composted if desired.  Place a large rubbish can, tarp, or wheelbarrow beside your ladder if it’s handier. Clear the debris and place it in/on these receptacles.

In a pinch, a plastic bag will suffice, but it will be cumbersome and risky to handle, especially if there is wind.

Gutter debris and accumulation can be scooped out with a gloved hand or blown out using an air compressor’s nozzle. Alternatively, use a garden trowel, hand spade, or plastic spatula to clear the gutters. Reaching for debris is not a good idea. Remove debris only from locations that are easily accessible to you.  To make gutter cleaning as safe as possible, have a friend or relative hold the ladder for you while you work.

Overreaching when on a ladder may jeopardise its stability and cause it to fall, resulting in catastrophic harm.

When a portion of gutter is clean of debris, lower the ladder and transfer it to the next area of the gutter. As directed, clean the gutter. Continue adjusting and cleaning your gutters until they are entirely free of debris.

Connect a garden hose to a pole, a tree trimmer, or a strong limb. Connect a nozzle to the hose, turn it on, and lift it to the gutter. To complete your gutter cleaning, flush the whole gutter in this manner. Downspouts that flow unevenly or seldom may still be blocked.

Set up your ladder beside the downspout if you suspect a blockage. From the top-down, tap it with a screwdriver down its length. An obstruction is frequently indicated by a dull thudding sound.

Unfastening downspouts from the house and gutter is also possible. Lay the spout on the ground and use a long stick, leaf blower, or pressure washer to clear any obstructions.

Use a chipper vacuum or a wet/dry shop vacuum that can handle both wet and dry debris. Place the vacuum where you intend to begin cleaning the gutters. Fasten the longest rigid extension adapter to the hose and insert the longest hose into the vacuum.

Your vacuum’s power cable might not be long enough to reach a power socket. In these situations, use an extension cable to power your vacuum.

For this job, choose a vacuum with a powerful motor. Vacuums with insufficient suction will be ineffective.

Measure the stiff extension attachment’s overall length. Measure from the top of the gutter to around knee height when measuring gutter height. Subtract the gutter height from the attachment length. The overall length of your secondary extension is measured here.

You’ll probably hold the gutter vacuum attachment at around chest height when operating it. Measuring the gutter from top to bottom will almost certainly result in a gutter vacuum that is longer than necessary, making it more difficult to manoeuvre.

Mark the stiff plastic tube or pipe with the secondary extension measurement (gutter height – attachment length). Cut the plastic to secondary extension length with a hacksaw. Excess tube/pipe can either be utilised or discarded.  Burrs may have been left behind when you cut your tube/pipe. Slivers or cuts can result from them. When required, use a file to remove burrs.

Insert the extension attachment’s other end into the secondary extension. Using aluminium tape, secure these parts together. Using a duct elbow, do the same thing at the opposite end of the secondary extension. After the first elbow is in place, add the second elbow in the same way.

When you put these components together, you’ll obtain a long, straight, stiff extension with a hook at the end. The elbow hook should be curved so that it faces about downwards.

Use a nozzle or flatten the end piece to fit the tool within the gutter.

Make sure your gutter vacuum’s connections are completely taped. Suction may be reduced as a result of gaps, making the vacuum less effective.

What is the fastest way to carry out gutter cleaning?

As mentioned previously, in the various methods available to clean gutters, the fastest way is usually by using a hose. At Safi Cleaning, we have specialist equipment that has been designed for this purpose to clear your gutters the fastest and most effective way. The force of the pressurised water used when clearing the gutter forces the debris out leaving it clear and clean.

Who is responsible for clearing gutters?

When it comes to gutter care on a rental property, the owner bears the brunt of the obligation. ‘It’s critical to maintain and empty the gutters on a regular basis to minimise damage and costly repairs.’ Gutter cleaning is part of a property’s overall upkeep and maintenance.

If you rent your property and you notice that your gutters are clogged and need to be cleared, contact your landlord for permission to have the cleaning carried out. They should also be responsible for payment of the gutter cleaning.

How much does a gutter cleaning cost?

It’s critical to maintain your property’s gutters clean so that water doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t. The function of a gutter is to collect rainwater from the roof and direct it away from the home to a major surface water drain or soakaway. If you don’t take care of your gutters and downpipes, water will overflow and cause damage to your house or foundations.

Even if you think you can clean your gutters yourself, it’s best hiring a professional like Safi Cleaning. Cleaning gutters costs around £5 per metre, making it quite reasonable for most people.

It’s a good idea to have repairs done when you’re having your gutters cleaned. All gutters leak with age and require maintenance, or just cleaning if they get filthy. Gutters, like anything else, require regular cleaning and maintenance. If they don’t, they’ll fill up with silt and moss and finally overflow in heavy weather, causing havoc. In any case, clogged gutters make your property seem unkempt and should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Assume you own a standard three-bedroom semi-detached home. You won’t be charged 20% VAT if you hire a small business to conduct the work, so that’s a plus. So, let’s examine how much gutter cleaning costs on average.

You’ll be paid around £5 per metre, as we’ve previously seen. So, 20m of gutters will cost between £100 and £125 and take up to a day to install. Keep in mind that in order to make the task valuable, contractors will demand a minimum amount. This is usually around £40 or £50, so make sure you have enough of work for them.

The cost of a gutter clean is frequently determined by the sort of property you possess. If you have a bungalow, for example, getting to the gutters will be considerably easier than if you had a two- or three-story home.

Typically, guttering can only be reached with the use of a ladder or scaffolding, both of which are expensive to hire. Unfortunately, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive recommends using scaffolding if you need to utilise a ladder for more than 30 minutes. More scaffolding is required when the guttering is high. In general, the cost of cleaning your gutter will grow as the height above ground increases.

Needing a ‘gutter vacuum cleaner,’ you can sometimes clean gutters without using a ladder. Essentially, this is a vacuum cleaner mounted on the end of a telescopic pole that can lift water, leaves, and other material from gutters. If you opt to go this route, you can rent one for about £140 + VAT for up to three days. Some also come with brush attachments for cleaning the outside of the house.

Remember that you can’t lean a ladder against a gutter if you decide to use one. They just aren’t sturdy enough to support the load.

When your contractor is closer to the project and working on the gutter, they can see if it needs to be repaired. They could also notice other important responsibilities. A damaged tile, a lot of loose moss on the roof, leaking gutters, or even rotted fascia boards are just a few examples. It’s recommended getting a quote for these extra jobs while you have someone at your property who can work at height. Furthermore, if you have problems accessing your rainwater system and require expert assistance, these added duties will significantly increase your prices. Even if the cleaner is unable to properly remedy these extra chores, he may be able to temporarily patch a leak using mastic until you are able to do so. For works like these, expect to get charged.

Is specialist equipment needed for cleaning of gutters?

At Safi Cleaning, our custom-built equipment will be employed wherever cleaning power is necessary. It’s quick, simple, and clean, and it gives a tired, drab, and slippery surface a new lease on life.  We provide services to residential properties, commercial properties and government.  Because it will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your house, you want to make a nice first impression with your driveway and blocked or overflowing gutters can run on to your driveway making them look old and dirty.

Your patio may seem duller than it did when it was originally placed as a result of day-to-day usage, especially during the summer. We can transport you back in time and make your patio seem like new.

At Safi Cleaning, our custom-built equipment will be employed wherever cleaning power is necessary. It’s quick, simple, and clean, and it gives a tired, drab, and slippery surface a new lease on life.  We provide services to residential properties, commercial properties and government.  Because it will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your house, you want to make a nice first impression with your driveway and blocked or overflowing gutters can run on to your driveway making them look old and dirty.

Your patio may seem duller than it did when it was originally placed as a result of day-to-day usage, especially during the summer. We can transport you back in time and make your patio seem like new.

We also clean your route with the most powerful pressure washers available to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates over time.